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About Lia

How long has it been since somebody told you to stand up straight? If you pay attention to how you sit or stand right now, you will most probably notice that you have a hunched posture. Lia was created to fix that!
A wearable combined with an application, it helps you gain a habit of a good posture. Lia simply reminds you to stop slouching! The device detects your upper body position. When your posture is incorrect, Lia sends a notification to your phone, so you remember to sit or stand up straight by training your muscle memory.

Why Lia

Did you know that 80% of the population is expected to experience lower back pain at some point in their lives? Slouching is in fact one of the leading causes of back pain. Other than making you look less confident or less attractive, it can also cause headache, shoulder and neck pain, and even reduced lung functioning. Our device has sensors that detect your upper body position. Lia is calibrated when used for the first time, so it works perfectly for everybody, no matter the physique and age.


According to studies, it takes 3-4 weeks for a person to develop a habit. In contrast to other methods of posture correcting, Lia trains your muscle memory and does not restrict your movements, it is comfortable and invisible under your clothes.

Lia also notifies you in case one of your shoulders is raised higher than the other. In that case, the weight might not be distributed evenly and that also affects health. With our application you can track your progress, see what improvements you have made and set goals!

Our Team

Arif Movsumzade
hardware developer
Ulviyya Rustamova
software developer
Fidan Rustamova
project manager
Aleksey Jafarov
hardware engineer
Anar Aliyev
software developer


This is a very important issue as all of us are slouching nowadays. I, too, have this problem and I often forget to stand up straight. The results of using Lia are very positive . I can clearly see the progress , as I keep my stance straight and hunch way less.

The coolest advantage for me is that you are helping yourself. I never used to pay attention to my posture. But after wearing Lia I think about how I walk or sit . And now I keep my back straight more often. The more time passes, the less you want to slouch.

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